Comfort foods: men vs. women?

Caught a tidbit in the NYTimes City Room blog today that I hadn't heard before:

Is There Any Comfort in a $30 TV Dinner?
By Jennifer 8. Lee

...Research out of Cornell University suggests that females tend to prefer snack-related comfort foods (candy and chocolate) while males prefer more meal-related comfort foods (pasta or casseroles). The researchers speculate that the gender differences may relate to upbringing. Men may have been conditioned to prefer hot or labor-intensive meals (conjuring up memories of their mothers taking care of them) while women seek convenient comfort foods (a form of self-indulgence)"

At first I thought, that's not true, I am female and I like "dinner" foods for comfort. Then I realized that it doesn't work as well if I have to make the macaroni or soup myself. But candy and chocolate never cut it for me, because I like cooked or somehow prepared food. So I guess what comforts me is having a bit of fuss made over me, while the convenient foods are just too cold.

Anyway, not sure if there's much of a question there, so how's this: we've talked about what our favorite comfort foods are; I'd like to hear the reasons why they are so comforting.

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