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Anyone watching this new TVFN show?

Chic and Easy - I've only seen one ep, it was kind of playing in the background.

My personal opinion = She's trying out to be the new Sandra Lee. Not so much in the "instant food" category but in that Yeah, I know I'm too cute to really cook! vein.

My primary complaint = She's got that babble thing going on. She feels she has to fill every second of air time with some repetitive, fluff-riddled gibberish.

I couldn't get past that stream of John Moschitta fast talking to really form an opinion of her cooking technique but I did hear her say more than once, "I'm going to turn this down" after adding food to a way too hot pan.

Come to think of it - anyone got an opinions on any of the newer TVFN shows? Clear winners? Turkeys?

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