Where to get pandan extract (w/out too many additives?)

I'm in search of pandan extract or paste to use in a couple of ricecake and chiffon cake recipes (not to mention homemade kaya jam). I've seen extracts in the local asian marts, but they seem chockful of unpronounceable extras and oils and alcohols and food colorings.

Does anyone know where to buy (online plz, or around the Northern VA area) 1) good pandan extract/paste? I'm not looking for organic, grown on soil blessed by local gods and harvested by young asian virgins under the first moon of the month. Just something that doesn't have a list of 30 lab-created ingredients. OR 2) frozen pandan leaves?

I live in the Alexandria area in VA - can get to MD if necessary. I'd prefer online shopping (because I am horrifically lazy).

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