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Wanted: Quick and efficient tips for chopping chocolate

It seems like a simple thing, and yet I can't seem to get it right. I'm currently making a mousse cake the requires chopped chocolate*. I didn't have the patience to chop with a knife so I tried chopping in my Magic Bullet (flat blade) because according to the infomercial, it can do that. Like the previous attempt, it failed (previously I'd also tried freezing the chocolate first, and that didn't work either). Then I tried a plastic bag and hammer. Failed.

So, back to the knife and chopping board, chopping roughly with my palm pressing down on the back of the knife. I cut my hand and the process was messy with chocolate chunks flying over my counter.

Any tips? Is the secret to chopping chocolate a good knife?


*I'm making a chocolate espresso mousse cake recipe that I found at David Lebovitz's blog awhile bag, replacing some of the espresso with Kahlua.

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