Tongues - for eating

I have a recipe that calls for calves' tongue. Can't get that, so I bought a beef tongue. I know it's not the same but I'm fine with that. I have 2 questions, though.

1. How much time do I have between purchase (yesterday) and cooking? I hope to cook tomorrow (Saturday). Since I think of the tongue as a muscle meat rather than organ (kidneys, etc), I think I can take the extra day before cooking. Please tell me if I am wrong.

2. Blanching: my recipe only blanches: bring to a boil and then drain. But my guide to meat calls for a 12 hour soak in cold water, followed by a dip into boiling water, peeling, sprinkling with salt, and 24 hours in the fridge. Both versions occur before the simmering with aromatics, etc. Since I have the beef--and not calf--tongue, should I take the 36 hours prep (which would solve my first question)? Is it better to simmer before or after peeling?

Thanks to anyone with a little experience here. I've eaten but never cooked this before.

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