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Recipe transformations - share your story!

In my 5 de Mayo spirit, I attempted to make a homemade Mexican salsa to snack with fresh corn tortilla chips. I chopped the tomatoes, the onions, the peppers and added most of the ingredients the recipe called for (at leats the ones I like and keep at hand). I was confident this was going to be one of the best salsas I had ever had. Unfortunately, to me it tasted more like a sofrito or gazpacho than a salsa.

Believing that nothing in the kitchen should go to waste, my futile attempt at a salsa turned into the perfect base for some Stewed Sweet Peas. The lime juice in the salsa really gave it a nice kick that otherwise I would have never thought of adding. This "unfortunate" salsa actually was key to these new delicious sweet pea recipe.

Have you ever had a kitchen blunder, a recipe that did not turn out as expected, but that in combination with something else, actually made it even better???

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