Office/School Birthday Treats

Call me scrooge but I’ve never participated in the ‘bring in a treat to share with others on your birthday’ at work or school. I remember asking my mother in grade school, why I needed to bring in a treat on my birthday (people should be bringing me stuff!) and her reply was:

Mom: Do you eat the things people bring in for their birthdays?
Me: Yes
Mom: Well that is why you bring in a treat.

After much ribbing from co-workers a few years ago, I agreed to bring in a treat. I went to Sam’s Club and bought a case of Cup-o-Noodles and stacked them along with spoons and napkins in my cube. I then sent out a mass email asking people to “stop by for a treat to help celebrate my birthday!”

The look on people’s faces as they rounded the corner and saw the treats was priceless.

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