Foreign foods I thought I would never like

I'm moving on to India in a week, after having spent two years living in the Forest, in Poland. Since I've come here, my (previously Californian) diet has changed enormously. For example: I have never eaten SO MUCH (often stale) BREAD AND BUTTER in my life! (I have seen evidence of exactly one toaster in Poland.) I quit vegetarianism, after seven happy years, and am now very drawn to kieĊ‚basa, especially kabanasy. I now love the combination of sauerkraut and mushrooms, though I think Chinese dumplings beat Polish pierogi any day. I ate more celeriac in the past three months that I have in my entire lifetime. I get worryingly excited about frozen vegetables due to the long winters and prevalence of roots. I did not see a single fresh leaf of spinach in two years.

So then, I wonder what will happen in India. I am looking forward to the spice, believe me. Poles are wimps when it comes to spice.

How did your diet change when you lived or traveled in a different country or region? What foods did you end up loving that you never thought you would like? Have you kept any of your transplanted foreign food habits?

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