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hi, i'm doing a paper on examining the effects the availability of food resources such as whole foods, trader joe's and farmer's markets and the increase in food prices, how that has effected on your purchases as a buyer. For example, i'm not near either of those supermarkets so i tend not to purchase organic food versus someone who might be close to a whole foods and is willing to buy food there versus the local supermarket like pathmark. So, if it isn't a bother, please answer the following:

1. what food resources/supermarkets are you near?
2. do you purchase organic or inorganic food because of your supermarket?
3. if you do not purchase organic, would you if a, for example, whole foods was nearby?
4. how has the increase in food affected your purchases?
5. are you in nyc, and if so, what neighborhood? for example, UES, UWS, etc [because i would like to group the different neighborhoods and see the link in food choices people make]
6. if you do not live in nyc, just type in what state you live in

thank you so much! :)

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