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Your best gourmet burger recipe?

We have three burger cookbooks plus like a jillion other bbq, grilling and various other books which include gourmet burgers. We just can't seem to get enough. My husband has even gone so far as to designate one night a week to his favorite entree. Last week it was tuna burgers w/ wasabi aoili and pickled ginger; tonight it was lamb kafta burgers w/ feta, arugula and scallion mayo. Another favorite is Tyler Florence's big juicy beef burgers w/ chives and fresh horseradish topped with dill havarti.

So, we only have to have 52 burger recipes for the year and we're up for anything. Especially now since the weather has turned for the better and real grilling season is upon us. Can we get your favorite recipe? I'm afraid we may run out of ideas by November!

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