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Talk, Talk, Talk!Welcome to the new and improved Serious Eats: Talk! We wanted to make it easier for serious eaters to keep up with the increasing number of conversations that take place here every day. This is just the first of many site enhancements and features we've been working on. Here's a quick summary of the improvements we've made:

We redesigned the top level pages: It's now easier to scan the most recent talk posts and their comment counts at a glance.

We added a new Talk category: "Food Media and News." This is the place to talk about food television, films, magazines, newspapers, and news.

We took "In the Kitchen" and, for clarity, renamed it "Cooking and Baking": This is still the place for conversations about cooking, baking, recipes, and everything else in the kitchen. We also renamed "Site Talk" to "Site Feedback."

Did You Know?

Your profile page links to your most recent talk posts, comments, and responses to your comments (comments on a post submitted after yours). Keep tabs on the conversations you are participating in on Serious Eats by checking your profile page. Your profile pages is linked to wherever your username appears.

Update your profile page!

While you're checking out all the recent comment activity on your profile page, why not take a moment to update your profile page and tell your fellow serious eaters a little more about yourself? There's a handy link to edit your profile ("Edit my account") under your username in the top right login box.

What do you think of the new and improved Talk? We want to know! Let us know in the comments.


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