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Need help w/sodium in recipe

Good morning everyone!
I need alittle assistance lowering the sodium in one of my favorite recipes passed down from my Nana.
The basic recipe calls for thinly sliced potatoes, onion soup mix, & butter....layering potato, soup mix, then butter into a 2 qt dish until full...then baking. When I make the dish now, I also add some grated cheddar cheese to add some extra gooey,yumminess (yes...I swear yuminess is a word! lol)
I began making the dish Sat. night & discovered I was out of soup mix, so I improvised using beef base in a small amount of water, and dehydrated onions. (I use dehydrated because the flavor is stronger in some dishes).
I thought by using the beef base it would bring down the sodium....but it was still salty.
Any thoughts on how to get that great beefy flavor into my potato dish without all the salt?

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