Want to bring TUNO back!!! Help me on the how...

After posting a few recipes in my blog, KarmaFree Cooking using TUNO, I just learned that Worthington, a company now owned by Kellogg's has discontinued the product. WHY???? For vegetarians, this is the best readily available tuna-like product "formerly available".

I would like to write the company a letter with a petition to bring the product back... because everytime I mention this to people, they are surprised and very dissapointed.

What's the best way to collect electronic signatures/names of people who support this "cause" too?? Should I do it in this forum - A Serious Eats Talk thread?? or do you know of any other way to do it??

I remember seeing right here in Serious Eats some sort of electronic petition to keep a NYC sandwich place open... I even signed the thing, but now I can't remember where or how to do it.

Any ideas or suggestions??


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