Down Home With The Neely's Dilemma!

I should just begin by saying I'm a total dork and I'm completely socially awkward. Meaning that things I perceive to be "embarrassing" make me feel SO awkward- even if it's while watching T.V. I'm one of those people that has to change the channel if I see someone making an ass of themselves on television, I just can't bare to watch. That being said, today I caught my first episode of the new Food Network show "Down Home with the Neely's" and there were serveral times where I had the blanket pulled up to my face because I was completely embarrassed and kind of mortified- and it had NOTHING to do with the food. As a matter of fact I don't even care about the food- it looked like plain ol' comfort food, no big deal. I'm talking about the overt sexual dialogue between the two of them. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just a total pervert picking up on things that aren't there? Gina calls Pat "Daddy," and, "Big Daddy" and "Papi," while Pat constantly refers to her as sexy or a "sexy mama" or as his "hot wife." At one point, I kid you not, they both had a beater in their hand and Pat went to lick it and Gina put her entire mouth around it and Pat said, "That's why I married you." God bless them if they're still this sexually attracted to eachother after years of marriage and kids, but it seems so awkward and misplaced in the kitch. Kind of like they're either trying too hard. What do you guys think?

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