Does your interest in food impact what you give to the homeless?

In the past few years I've spent a great deal of time in Denmark, which essentially does not have a homelessness problem, so each time I return to NYC, I find the sight of people begging on the street really painful.

When I see these people, it's hard not to give money--that's what they want, right?--but if they have so little, I imagine that they probably go for the cheapest food going. That's GOT to be depressing (yes, I know some of them spend their money on drugs and alcohol, but I doubt they all do), since one of the marginally affordable pleasures is eating well.

So I find myself ducking into the nearest decent bake shop, and getting something nice for them to eat, too... just a change, you know? to make them feel a bit more human.

I know that if food was just fuel to me, I wouldn't have this reaction, regardless of how badly I felt for the homeless, or how much hardship I'd personally experienced.

As fellow people who care about food, do you also find yourselves reacting in a similar way to that which I've described?

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