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Cooking with Offal

After finishing Julie & Julia and reading about Chris Cosentino's & Michael Ruhlman's recent "Head to Tail" dinner (post here, I've found myself interested in learning how to cook offal. I bought a pretty piece of beef liver from our local free-range farmer and I'm looking forward to using it, but... how? I'm a little trepidatious, remembering the foul liver and onions dish my mother made once as a child; but at the same time, remember my first experience with foie gras and how much I loved it. What do I do with it? What can I do to make it tasty instead mushy and funny tasting?

Assuming the other half finds my first attempt at serving offal palatable, anyone have suggestions for what to try next? We're lucky enough to have good connections in the area for local-raised meat, although anything beyond the big three (beef, pork and chicken) can be a little hard to get.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Got a fantastic recipe or a happy offal story you'd be willing to share?

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