Asking for "odd" amounts

my husband and I are pretty proud of the fact that we've got alot of our grocery shopping down a science. we know exactly how much ground turkey to buy to get 8 hambergers, we know how much deli lunch meat we can eat in a week. but the amounts always seem odd. for example, this was the conversation at the deli counter earlier today:

husband: I'd like nine tenths of a pound of such and such turkey please.
deli counter worker: so, like, a little more than three quarters?
husband: no, nine tenths of a pound, please.
deli counter worker: so, like, a little less than a pound?
husband: no, nine tenths of a pound. that's exactly how much my wife and I can eat before it goes bad.

the young lady behind the counter measured out slightly more than three quarters of a pound, and slightly less than one pound, and it was what it was. husband was almost afraid to ask for sliced cheese at this point.

here's my question: are we overly anal retentive about quantities (and shouldn't be), or does the average deli employee in my town not understand how to translate fractions to a digital scale? hubby and I were a little flabbergasted after this deli experience.

anyone else ask for odd amounts? do you get them? does the person behind the counter look at you like you're crazy? have you learned to stick with the basic quarter pound increments? should I learn to stick with the basic quarter pound increments, and just deal with it?

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