Thanks Serious Eats!

Being a typically busy person these days, and upon taking on the responsibility of trying to create something for my kids to eat that's somewhat healthy, and at the same time, kid friendly, I've begun using the advice from Serious Eats more frequently.

The other day, I decided I wanted to try my luck at making some Chinese. I looked through some of the recipes and decided most of them were far too tough for me to tackle, but in my browsing, I found a "talk" about Wonton recipes. Sounded easy enough, so I printed out the page and got ready to run a few errands and head to the store to pick up what I needed.

As usual, when I was walking in the store, I realized that I had left the page on the printer. Having NEVER made wonton before, I had NO idea what to gather, but then I remembered I had Serious Eats bookmarked on my iPhone. I thought I'd give it a try... so I logged in, scrolled to the bottom of the page, and started a search for "pork wonton".

Wouldn't you know it, it was the first thing that popped up. I opened it and I had my ingredients list right in front of me. It was great.

I realized a few things from that point on:
1) Even a great website can't guarantee anyone can make something that LOOKS good.
2) Kids don't care what they look like as long as they taste good... I had to make nearly 100 of these things. That's good... right?
3) Thanks Serious Eats for saving the day. I'll keep working on the presentation. :)


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