Sandwich Lover? Let's build!

I could live on them - hot, cold, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Favorite hot is steak sandwich. Grilled NY strip cut in thin slices, sauteed onions, mushrooms & green peppers, light ketchup on a fresh roll - crispy on the outside, soft on the inside - slightly toasted on the grill. If I had any cheese on it, I'd want provolone or gruyere, but usually prefer it without.

I also love Italian sausage sandwiches with ketchup, onions & peppers on the same kind of roll. favorite is a grilled reuben! I like it with cole slaw, but sauerkraut is ok in a pinch. Much prefer it grilled.

Cold....I'm craving an egg salad BLT on rye barely toasted.

Do you love sandwiches, too? What would you make today?

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