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Are you a healthy cook?

As I prepare myself to write this, I already feel ridiculous. So, I've convinced myself that if you take the time and the care to make homemade things, the food can't really be THAT bad for you. I never eat breakfast, I usually eat a really light lunch and I look forward to cooking myself, my boyfriend or friends and family a tasty dinner on most nights. I'll make fettucini alfredo or roasted garlic mashed potatoes with some kind of meat and homemade bread. I know that alfrado sauce is like, a heart attack on a place, but I've forced myself to believe that good, homemade food is acceptable and even- gasp! Healthy. Are all of you healthy home cooks who closely monitor how much butter, cream and other tasty no-no's you put in your food, or do you say the hell with it and make whatever you want when you're going through the trouble of cooking from scratch?

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