Confessions of a check-out lane lookey-loo...

So, yesterday I went to the supermarket. As usual, I found myself scrutinizing the contents of others' baskets. I know it's nosy but I just can't help myself. Standing in line is boring. I've always been too curious for my own good, and people-watching is a borderline compulsion of mine (groceries say such interesting things about the people who are buying them). I know it's none of my business, but sometimes I want to shake somebody and ask them what on earth they think they're doing. Other times I want to pull aside a young mom down and teach her what she should have learned from her own mother. Sometimes I'm simply amused (usually when I look at my own purchases). And, once in a great while, I'm actually impressed.

Am I the only one? Are you a lane lookey-loo? Come on... confession is good for the soul...


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