Confess Your Kitchen Catastrophes!

OK, we've all had them. It is our secret shame.

My most recent kitchen disaster happened while pureeing a hot sauce in the blender. The last thing I remember saying is "Don't worry, I 've done this before". Tip: While pureeing hot liquids, lid better less cracked open than more.

Over the holidays, a lovely Brussels Spout Gratin was bubbling happily away in the oven. Lots of cheese and cream. Beautiful. I thought I heard a weird little noise, but busy finishing dishes on the stovetop, I blew it off momentarily. A bit later I reached into the oven to pull out the hot casserole and the bugger had cracked right in half. Thank God there were no guests. Two days later, after several breaks in the cleaning action for hysterical crying tantrums, the kitchen was mostly back in operation. Tip: Don't ever ignore a crazy little sound coming from the inner sanctum of your oven. Unidentifiable sounds deem an immediate response.

I've confessed. But that is only two in an enormous repetoire of my best kitchen disasters. What are your worst?

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