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Beyond citing sources: copyright issues?

redhead raised an important point about citations (this was originally going to be a reply, but I realised that it didn't answer anything, but raised another question), but I was wondering about the extent to which it's alright to post recipes on this site.
I've noticed many of the recipes say 'adapted from': Does this mean we need to make a minor tweak, and then cite something as 'adapted from'? I tend to be very precise about the recipes I pass along to others, so I have misgivings about this.

So far, I've simply held off from posting recipes, and have stuck with 'recipe x' from Y's book, 'z'. If the source is not necessarily an easy one to find (e.g. out of print), I feel bad doing this. What are the ground rules for posting recipes, apart from accurately citing the source in full?

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