What happened to Dom's Fine Food?!

This was on the west side of Lafeyette Street, and a block down from Spring Street.

I'm no longer in NYC, and only go back about four times a year, so I don't know when--or why--the shop closed. From the look of it, it's been a while, and I only made the discovery when I went there to buy THE best marzipan I know... and was foiled.

I Googled the name, but nothing came up for a new location, so I think it's just gone... unless anyone knows better?

Incidentally, if anyone knows of a place that stocks this marzipan (I cannot remember the name, but the quality is so outstanding, it must have other fans), I'd love to know. It is an Italian brand, comes in small a foil packet sealed at both ends, paper label, and is organic.

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