What do your coffee mugs say about you?

I loved the post by Marisa over on the Slashfood can tell alot about a person from their coffee mug! I have cupboards full of various coffee mugs...most of which I never use but each has special memories attached ot it. Plastic, ceramic, steel and insulated mugs line the shelves. Various shapes & sizes, thin-lipped or thick & sturdy mugs. Mugs range from all white to outrageous colors & designs. Some cost almost nil while others are pricey ones. Personalized mugs. "Freebie" logo mugs...I own too many mugs but don't plan to part with any:) Describe your favorite coffee mug...size, shape, color, lid...and how did you acquire it? Does it reveal your true personality?

Check-out the Slashfood site. It's fun blog!

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