Crab Cakes

I just came across the most godawful crab cake recipe I have ever seen, in the cookbook "The Lobster Roll," which contains recipes from the Hamptons restaurant, Lunch. The crab cakes are called "old-fashioned," and are comprised of twenty ingredients, including garlic, onion, scallions, red and green pepper, olive oil, scallions, Parmesan (!), mustard, Old Bay, white wine...well, it's too painful for me to continue. I made crab cakes last night, with my usual five ingredients: Maine crab, breadcrumbs, Old Bay, mayo, a dash of hot sauce (enough for piquance, not heat), and a pinch of salt. They taste of crab, which I think they should. My insistence on Maine, and only Maine, crab is for another post. How do you make crab cakes? If you're not of the cooking persuasion, how do you like them prepared?

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