Eating Out

What's your favorite local funky dive?

There's a place a few miles from me, behind a gas station and next to a bait shop. It looks like a dump. Major potholes in the parking lot. A friend tried for over a year to get me to go there, so finally I went to get her to shut up. I am forever indebted!! Gawd, the food is so good . . . steaks, chops, seafood, pizza, pasta . . . I can't wait for out of town friends to come so I can take them there to see the look on their face. I have to duck to get through the door. There are only twelve tables, a pellet stove (so cozy in the winter), and a tiny bar. They finally patched the hole in the floor in the far corner. There's a blue marlin mounted on one of the walls. One waitress works the room and some nights it feels like one big raucous family. My favorite place outside of my own kitchen!

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