Why is Lonesome Dove Western Bistro getting killed?

I've read several reviews of this Flatiron District restaurant (in NYC) and it's just getting hammered. After having eaten there, I don't get it. The reviews I've read (Cuozzo in the Post, NY Ragazine, Bruni in the Times too I recall) kill this place, like a bad Broadway premiere. It's like, they WANT to kill it, and I definitely sense some East Coast bias in the tone. Everyone agrees that the steaks are great, which I know gets a big whoop here because alleged Luger waiters are all getting backing to open their own cattle pens. But if they're great, they're great. The reviews don't seem to even enjoy the idea of a game-based menu, and on top of that the execution at LD also gets crucified. Anyone else eaten there care to share? I will admit the lighting for menu reading purposes is bad, but overall there are far worse places in Gotham that get coddled by comparison.

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