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Favorite Burrito in NYC?

I know NYC isn't supposed to be a burrito town, but I know there are some great ones in the city. I've recently experienced Kitchen Market and I'm in love. Any other suggestions?


The best burrito I've ever had as a resident of New York City was at La Corneta in San Francisco!

You'd think with burritos being so popular, there'd be more burrito places. So maybe we should use reverse psychology on New York and all pretend we don't want burritos. And then they'll come! Like the banks and nail salons, etc.

So, where's Kitchen Market?

The burritos in New York are a crying shame. There's probably good authentic Mexican food around, but for Cali-Mex or Tex Mex, New York is hopeless. I think it's like barbeque; New York just doesn't get it. Number one amongst my complaints--why doesn't New York know how to wrap a burrito?Grrr.

My biggest complaint? Chipolte. It's introducing New Yorkers to a wonderful food via CRAP! It's kind of like my childhood, when I thought TV dinners were real American food. Please, boycott Chipolte.

I love Chipotle and Chipolte!

Try the Carnitas, ok?

I am eating a carnitas from Chipotle right now and I am here to say: it's not anywhere close to a so-so San Francisco burrito. I haven't had a good burrito here, but I haven't tried. How are the burritos at Benny's?

I agree with NYminknit on the wrapping issue. Although I like Chipotle, the burritos that come out of the NYC branches are as sloppy and loose as a full diaper.

What needs to happen is that Danny Meyer needs to travel to California, study burrito-making, copy it to a T, and then open "The Burrito Bungalow" in Union Square Park.

Kitchen Market is on Eighth Avenue bet. 21st and 22nd. I, too, love their burritos. I also like the burritos at Pio Maya at 41 West Eighth Street. It's owned by a couple of guys who worked at Otto. Excellent chicken soup and tacos as well.

I've had tasty burritos at Burrito Box, on 9th Ave near 58th Street. Lots of veggie (and vegan) options and of course there's meat options. Having all those vegetarian/vegan options felt very California to me (I'm originally from CA, lived for a time in the Bay Area). They also have Cholula as their primary table hot sauce, which rules. Their chips are nice and fresh, too.

I do wish that even for "to stay" burritos, they'd wrap them in foil, like they do in CA. It is so messy to eat a burrito without the foil!

megnut: While I've never been to Benny's, if they're anything like Blockheads (same owner), I'm a fan. While Blockheads is far from traditional, it's certainly tasty. The black beans make the burrito.

Ed: I'm definitely going to give Pio Maya a shot. Sounds good to me.

Burrito Box is sort of like Burritoville, I think.

Oh, speaking of B'ville...I won't ever go to the one on W 72nd again bc as I was waiting for my food, I saw a roach on the table and then this guy bent down and flicked it across the room. It was gross.

Adam: The diaper comment is in my head now. Thanks.

Not a big blockheads fan myself. In the same neighborhood, and for half the price, I much prefer La Paloma (359 W 45th St. between 8th & 9th Avenues). Tacocina is not bad either (714 9th Ave between 48th and 49th).

Taqueria DF in Brooklyn (5th and 22nd) is the closest thing to a San Francisco burrito I've had on the east coast.

Re: Chipotle, remember that no one's putting a gun to anyone's head forcing you to stuff your custom burrito like John Madden's tur-duck-in. Think about leaving out the rice, or maybe skipping the beans in favor of their fajita-style peppers and onions. The meats are very good, particularly the carnitas and the asada-style steak. You also don't have to get multiple salsas, sour cream and cheese every time. As an experiement, I once got a Chipotle with ONLY steak asada and the guac supplement (presently trading on the NASDAQ Futures at $1.62/dollop). It was great, manageable, and closer to a real burrito. Burritos would've never become so popular if their benchmark were the way most of us eat them.

My favorite burrito ever? The carne asado at any Nico's Mexican, with several locations in San Diego, CA. Long and tubular in shape, manageable with only one hand, and unforgettable flavor.

The best "burrito" I've ever had in NYC is at Momofuko Ssam.

I think that you Chipolte-eaters and Momofuko Ssam (um, sucky much?) fans are nuts. I've eaten at Benny's--barely passable--but no Bay Area burrito. I hereby out myself as passionate, discerning, and not inclusive. At least about burritos. Bring it on, you nutty NY burrito-eating-fools!

P.S. Sandro, I think the rice makes a burrito, so I would never leave it out.

I was once dubious of Chiptole, but now I'll eat it.

Here in NYC, I just expect flour tortilla-based items like burritos to never live up to what I am used to in CA. Since I've lived in NY for a while, I've grown to love those items made with corn tortillas, which the Mexican population here has wonderful facility. There are excellent tacos to be had in Astoria and elsewhere, and I'm very happy about that. In NYC, burritos will only attain the status of tasty, never delicious. That being said, I'd LOVE to be proven wrong. Sounds like I need to make a trip to Kitchen Market.

Well since we strayed just a wee little bit past actual burritos...the only NYC institution that can really toot it's own horn re authenticity of this genre of food is the Red Hook Ballfields.

And no one around these parts does huaraches (a perfect merger of burrito and quesadilla) better than Fernando & Jolanda Martinez and nobody does tacos better than Maria Carrello (originally from Guatemala).

Oh God, please send Spring soon so I can start my annual pilgrimage.

I will forever be grateful to J. Slab for writing the definitive blog on this Brooklyn treasure.


Check this place out.
Great Burrito
Mexican, Pizza
100 W 23rd St, New York 10011
At 6th Ave
Phone: 212-243-0022
They Have AMAZING burritos and tacos though by looking at it you would nver guess it as the place is a dump that also makes pizza,badly.
They are open 24/7 so it is a great late night spot for some mexican food.

Best burrito and best Mexican food in New York. El Maguey y La Tuna on Houston Between Attorney and whatever's east of Attorney. This isn't a burrito shack, but I just think they do a damn good job. Stick with their more traditional Mexican dishes for the best experience, although I hear that their Tex-Mex dishes (quesadillas, fajitas, etc) are starting to get better. They also stock Mexican Coke. This isn't quite a burrito, but I think the best dollar value on the menu is Tacos al Pastor, which is Mexico City's most popular street food for a reason. Enjoy!

The taco al pastor is a glorious food item! Did not know they were Mexico City's most popular street food, but it makes sense. Cannot WAIT to go to the ballfields for glorious Mexican food (no, I haven't been but only recently learned about this place, and it sounds truly amazing).

I'm originally from San Diego, so I'm pretty much turned off by any place that claims they are "Mexican" in NYC, but I've found the burritos/tacos at Zaragoza Grocery - a little deli/bodega on Ave A b/w 13th and 14th to be surprisingly decent.

Was reading this as an unregistered user but had to join just because of the lead-off call by Adam.... I too agree that La Corneta is single-handedly the best burrito I've ever had!

A lot of people throw around the names of other places out in SF, and I've tried most of them. And La Corneta is the best I've devoured (over and over again). The Carne Asada Super Burrito (or Super Baby for those of lesser appetites) is perfection in a tortilla. My 'Keys to a good burrito' http://www.dskendall.com/burrito.html is SPECIFICALLY about this place. Oh my god, it's almost worth a cross-country flight. Also, it's actually a nice, clean environment, which is a plus when meeting up with friends.

In NYC, haven't found a totally awesome burrito place yet, but I'd say Fresco Tortilla Burrito @ 100 W 83rd St is the best I've had... much better than Chipotle.

For all those Chipotle lovers, all I can say is that I used to love Taco Bell burritos, but then I moved to SF and learned how good a burrito can be.

Oh yeah, and burritos aren't really Mexican as far as I've been told, they're kind of like NYC pizza vs. pizza in Italy... an American twist on the same ingredients.

Spicy Pork Burrito @ Tulcingo Del Valle 47th & 10th

Chipotle's taking its share of hits here. The Taco Bell comparison just above is off-base, because Chipotle, even if their idea of a burrito is all wrong, uses far better base ingredients than Taco Bell. #2, it sounds like one can't like Chipotle even a little without being told that you're all wrong, or that you're just like he was before he went out west, etc.. Nonsense. I've been out west. They're better there. But Chipotle's not horrible. Chipotle often leaves me feeling lousy afterwards, and the My Space generation completely oversaturates my hometown branch, but it'll sate a craving, which is more than one can say for alot of places. Again, think about actually leaving some ingredients OUT of your burrito - you will enjoy it more. Cheers

You can get good tacos al bastor 4 hours north of NYC at Boca Grande in Boston. Hard to believe, I know....but it's absolutely true.

Chipotle and Qdoba both suck the meat missile. And, yes, I eat at both of them...because we have little choice. I like Qdoba better.

to clarify, I like QDoba becuase it has beer. But I just remembered they don't have pork, so that's a point for Chipotle. Anna's and Boca Grande in Boston are better than both, especially the latter.

And Boston food sucks compared to New York in every other way.


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