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Thai Son


Location: 89 Baxter Street, New York NY 10013

Phone: 212-732-2322

Cuisine: Vietnamese

After a disappointing Vietnamese meal at Saigon Grill on the Upper West Side (lackluster bun with beef satay and overfried spring rolls), I needed a culinary overwrite of sorts. I remembered having a good meal at Thai Son a few weeks ago and hoped to repeat that experience this evening.

While Thai Son wasn't quite as good as I remember it being on my initial visit, it impressed me more than did Saigon Grill. I ordered banh hoi bo lui ("grilled beef sesame on angel hair noodle with lettuce, cucumber, and mint leaves"), a shredded chicken salad (with its refreshing combination of vinegar, lime, and mint), and, of course, spring rolls.

Here, the spring rolls were light, crisp, and perfectly fried but could have stood some more filling and less wrapper. The beef dish was good, but the thin, crisp pork chops I had last time were better. Still, it's hard to beat anything marinated in whatever it is they use there, all wrapped up in a fresh leaf of lettuce stuffed with mint and pickled cucumbers and carrots (above).

This area of Baxter is chockfull of Vietnamese restaurants; Nha Trang and New Pasteur flank it. If anyone on Ed's site has been to the others, lemme know how they rate in comparison.


Adam: go to Mott Street Pho Bang on Mott Street (between Broome and Grand). We've been going there for YEARS and time after time after time after time, it never dissapoints.

The Pho is excellent. The Spring Rolls and Summer Rolls are excellent. If going with a friend and you have a big appetite, here's what I suggest:

Order a bowl of Pho, (8) Spring Rolls, either the griled beef or grilled pork and rice thread, a Vietnamese Lemonade (especially with the warm weather approaching) and then wash it all down with a Vietnamese coffee.

Walk out totally satisfied EVERYTIME! And I forgot to mention: the best part is the check.

Try it....you won't regret. Call EDOW and ask her to join you. She loves Pho.


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