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Kosher Revolution's Middle-Eastern Zucchini Cakes with Tahini Sauce

For a holiday that lasts eight nights, there really isn't all that much variation in traditional Hanukkah fare. Latkes and jelly doughnuts are great and all but after the second or third night, we're looking for a little something different. Luckily, the latke is a recipe that lends itself to all sorts of improvisation, just take a look at these Middle-Eastern Zucchini Cakes with Tahini Sauce from Kosher Revolution. More

Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan's Squash Ribbon Puff Pastry Tart

Simply spread with a creamy herbed mascarpone and layered with thinly sliced squash, this little tart baked up in about 15 minutes and can be cut into snack-sized wedges, served hot or at room temperature. But the real beauty of this recipe is its wonderful versatility; you can swap out any seasonal vegetables you'd like for the squash and match your cheeses and herbs accordingly. More

Cook the Book: Anellini alla Pecorara

The recipe is a three-parter, beginning with Ragù all'Abruzzese, a slow cooking tomato sauce that's simmered with three types of meat, beef, lamb, and pork that enrich the sauce with all sorts of lovely meaty, fatty notes. The curious thing about this particular ragù is that the meat is removed before serving so that it can be used in another dish such as filling for cannelloni or tortellini. More

Patricia Wells's Zucchini Carpaccio with Avocado, Pistachios, and Pistachio Oil 

Too-hot-to-cook season has an unfortunate tendency to coincide with "what am I going to do with all of this zucchini? season." Instead of overheating your kitchen by baking loaves upon loaves of zucchini bread, we have a cool and elegant solution courtesy of Salad as a Meal by Patricia Wells that's topped with slices of avocado, a shower of pistachios, thyme, and fleur de sel. More

Stir-Fried Vegetables with Salted Duck Egg Yolks

Like curing meats, the practice of salting duck eggs may have started as a method of preservation, but now salted duck eggs are a delicacy. Salting makes the egg whites dense and almost rubber-eraser-like in appearance, but it's the yolks that are especially prized. There's nothing quite like a good salted duck egg yolk. If properly salted, the duck egg yolks are creamy, granular, and oily all at once—an intriguing textural composition that tastes especially rich and salty. More

Photo of the Day: Kids Playing with Giant Zucchini

Photograph from Neatorama These two munchkins don't know how lucky they have it. When their mom planted a seemingly normal zucchini seed in their Santa Clarita, California, garden, she wasn't expecting this monster to appear. Good thing the children aren't actually the size of normal zucchinis—that would be weird. This makes me wonder if my mom really loved me; my childhood lacked grossly giant vegetables.... More

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