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Toisan-Style Joong

[Photographs: Robyn Lee] Learn more about joong here » Timeline for Joong Assembly 4 weeks prior: brine duck eggs (step 1) 4 days prior: cure pork belly (step 2) 1 day prior: prep joong leaves (step 3) Day of: final... More

How to Make Joong/Zongzi, Pork-Stuffed Glutinous Rice Bundles

When I was a kid, my mom chastised me for running in the house, but I'd run even faster towards the kitchen when the fragrant smells of her savory joong filled the air. My mom's joong are hefty bundles filled with lightly salted glutinous rice, studded with split mung beans, and generously stuffed with delectable slabs of cured pork belly, juicy slices of salty-sweet Chinese sausage, golden, creamy orbs of salted duck egg yolks, pungent dried baby shrimp, and flavorful shredded dried scallop all snugly wrapped in aromatic bamboo leaves and tied with string. More

Snapshots from Asia: Dragon Boats, Rice Dumplings, and Cheat’s Sticky Rice

In the States, I generally rely on the appearance of traditional festive foods to alert me to upcoming celebrations. But now that I’m back in Asia, it’s impossible to miss the fanfare that accompanies the various festivals—firecrackers are lit, special, back-breakingly-tedious-to-make foods are prepared, the house is cleaned, gods are placated, married folks give singles cash (now this ritual, I like), and so on. The Story of Duan Wu Jie, the Dragon Boat Festival This past Sunday, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, Chinese communities around the world celebrated Duan Wu Jie—also known as the Dragon Boat Festival. Legends abound, but the most popular rendition of the festival’s origins reference poet-patriot Qu Yuan in 278 BC. Devastated... More

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