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Video: Zombie Burger Attack

Burger chain MacWilson genetically modified their burgers with the goal of increasing sales; unfortunately, the burgers turned their customers into zombies. Oops. Watch the story unfold in the film Zombie Burger Attack by design students at the University of... More

Vegan Zombies, This Shirt's for You

Dennis Culver's Vegan Zombie shirt may not be a reality yet, but you can vote at Threadless.com to help give everyone a chance to display the grain-loving pride of the vegan undead. Related Brains: The Core of the Zombie Diet... More

In Videos: 'Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead' Trailers

Opening this past weekend in New York City, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead is the latest film by the schlock B-movie studio Troma, makers of classics such as The Toxic Avenger, Cannibal: The Movie, and Class Of Nuke 'em High. Set in a fast-food outlet built on top of a Native American sacred burial ground, the zombie chickens emerge and things get ugly. This is a vulgar, gory, zombie chicken B-movie (with musical numbers) to beat all past zombie chicken movies to date. If you don't know Troma films, think South Park but live-action. The New York Times says it best in their review: Within the context of its genre - the satirical sexploitation zombie chicken gross-out musical... More

Brains: The Core of the Zombie Diet

If you're a zombie, be sure to follow the Zombie Food Pyramid to remain at peak human-eating condition. You wouldn't want your arm to fall off while cracking into a fresh human skull now, would you? Be sure to eat plenty of brains, but go light on the bones and gristle. The drawing appears to have been originally made by Mike Capen for Threadless.com. For another take on the nutritional needs of zombies, read this zombie health article from The Onion.... More

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