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Cook the Book: Cucumber and Turnip Salad with Yuzu

Thinly sliced cucumber and turnips are massaged with salt to eliminate some of their moisture, then dressed with a mix of yuzu zest and juice for a bright, citrusy pickle that retains its crispness beautifully. This salad acts as equal parts vegetable, condiment, and palate cleanser making it a wonderful bento companion for any of the Japanese-inspired proteins in The Just Bento Cookbook. More

Wok Skills 101: How to Deep Fry at Home

I'd be willing to wager that anyone who complains how difficult and messy it is to deep-fry at home has never tried deep-frying in a wok. Why don't people fry at home? The most common answers are: it's messy, it's expensive ("What do I do with all the leftover oil?"), and it's unhealthy. Well a wok can certainly help solve your first two problems. You're on your own for the third. This is our second piece in this week's Wok Skills 101 series. More

Grocery Ninja: Yujacha, Korean Yuzu Tea

The Grocery Ninja leaves no aisle unexplored, no jar unopened, no produce untasted. Creep along with her below, and read all her mission reports here. Before I moved to the Bay Area (land of Ranch 99 and accessible Asian foodstuffs), I used to cart heavy glass jars of yucheong (yuzu syrup) on the 24 hour flight back from Asia. My friends would save their luggage space for practical things like textbooks (usually one-third the price of what you would pay here). But I would splurge all my luggage space on jars of this golden goodness. Because when the days are long and dreary, and when it seems like the weekend will never arrive, and that the work keeps piling up,... More

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