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From The Mailbag: Thanks Miss Ellie, Love Hambone

We opened up the Serious Eats Mailbag this monday to find a package addressed to Official Serious Eats Mascot and Chief Financial Officer Hambone (a.k.a. Jamón). Inside the box was the most darling pizza-shaped dog toy, complete with squeaker in the crust. The toy came to us from long time Slic'er dhorst's dog Miss Ellie, whose friend Tammy Johnson seems to be a master at creating cute things out of cloth over at Fessenden Hill Creations. More

5 Caramelized Desserts We Love

Who doesn't love the delicate, sweet crunch of a lightly caramelized surface? There's nothing like the satisfying tap of spoon on sugar before you make your way into a deep bowl of custard and pudding. A sprinkle of sugar, a light torch or a trip in the broiler; that simple touch makes all the difference. More

Lunch for One: Yuba

The focus of the menu at the recently opened Yuba in the East Village is, as you would expect, yuba—best known as tofu skin or beancurd sheet. Prices are high at dinner, but a $16 lunch prix fixe makes it a more affordable lunch option. More

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