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Top 10 Wine Posts of 2011

This year, we fell for delicious Pinot Noir and Tempranillo, Muscat and Muscadet. But we—like the rest of you—were especially pleased when we found a good value in wine, whether in boxes or bottles, under screwcaps or fat Champagne corks. Here are our top ten most popular posts about wine this year. More

10 Most Popular Posts in Alcohol-Free Drinks: Soda, Juice, Milk(shakes), and Smoothies

Serious Eats: Drinks covers cocktails and spirits, beer, and wine, but that doesn't mean we focus only on the hard stuff. This year, we sought out the best milkshakes in San Francisco, the best smoothies in LA, the best local milk in New York, and subjected ourselves to a series of blind taste tests to find out whether Mexican Coke is really better. Here are our top 10 most popular posts in soda, juice, smoothies, milk, and milkshakes this year, based on unique page visitors. More

Top 15 Cocktail and Spirits Posts of 2011

The cocktail resurgence is in full swing, and one of the most fun parts of editing this site is getting a chance to check out the latest concoctions from talented bartenders all across the country. (Ok, you're right, it's also fun to declare it Tequila Tuesday and mix up a roundup-full of new drink recipes in the office.) Here are 2011's top 15 most popular posts in cocktails and spirits. More

Our Favorite Cocktails of 2011

With the exception of Serious Eats Overlord Ed Levine, who really only likes what he calls "wussy drinks", most of us at SEHQ tend to enjoy sampling a cocktail or two when we're at a new restaurant or visiting a different city. And this year has been an amazing one for cocktails—we've tasted lots of delicious classics and innovative new creations at bars and restaurants alike all over the country. Here's a look back at some of the best cocktails we tried this year. More

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