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Let Them Eat: Sweet Potato Cake with Toasted Marshmallow Frosting

The first few holidays I spent with my in-laws, I was introduced to their sweet potato casserole, duly done up with nuts and ittty-bitty marshmallows that had bloated in the heat of the oven. The casserole dish—and I think there were two—was about the size of a rowboat that could comfortably seat four and feed 20 times that number. Never did I see more than a square inch consumed. The argument, naturally, has been to eliminate the dish altogether. But one does not contradict tradition. More

Candied Yam Rice Krispies Treats

It's time to combine two marvelous marshmallow-based recipes to form one delicious treat: the Candied Yam Rice Krispies Treat. What's not to love about this seasonal mashup? Separately, both cereal treats and candied yam casseroles are delicious; both dishes rely on marshmallows for their sweet, signature taste. More

Seriously Asian: Naga-imo

You may have seen these long, light-skinned, and hairy roots at your Japanese or Chinese markets and wondered about their relation to other kinds of tubers. Naga-imo is a kind of mountain yam, the tuberous root of a climbing vine. There are other mountain yams, such as icho-imo, yamamot-imo, tsukune-imo. Mountain yams take on a gluey, almost mucilaginous consistency when they're grated. More

In Season: Sweet Potatoes

[Flickr: Barbara L. Hansen] No other vegetable that says "fall" quite like the sweet potato. We all have our favorite recipes, and love debating which aunt's sweet potato casserole is the best. I still follow my Aunt Margaret's recipe, though with the addition and omission of several ingredients. Every time time I make the sugary, marshmallow topped casserole, my dad always says, "It tastes just like Margaret's"—bringing me instant culinary satisfaction. There is something nostalgic about the sweet potato that makes it taste that much better. Some seasonal sweet potato recipes, after the jump.... More

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