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Words That Should Be Words: Disrespectchup

Here's a new coinage we found via Reddit. Disrespectchup: (dis-ri-ˈspeke-chəp) noun. To overuse and abuse ketchup, particularly on dishes beyond fries, hash browns, burgers, and eggs. When my wife took my lovingly grilled lime pork tenderloin and added ketchup, it was a disrespectchup. More

Food/Drink Words Rejected by the Oxford English Dictionary

Millions of words submitted to the Oxford English Dictionary don't make the cut. They are known as "non words" and according to the Telegraph, one graphic designer named Luke Ngakane uncovered loads of them. Word nerds, listen up! You might really enjoy the food- and drink-related ones, like peppier (a waiter whose sole job is to ground pepper) and spatulate (removing cake mix from the side of the below..with a spatula!). More

Word Coinage: 'leopard spotting'

"Leopard spotting" on a Kesté pie. Friend of Slice Pizzablogger uses a word from the pizza-crit lexicon that I've never heard before: leopard spotting, obviously a reference to the little blisters of charred material along the pizza's end crust (or cornicione). Usage: "I think the quattro formaggio looks very lame, although it has more leopard spotting on the outer edge of the cornicione than the other pictures, which is what I personally prefer." Pizzablogger picked up the term from Paulie Gee.... More

Haiku Lunchbox

When you're eating lunch, do you ever feel inspired to write three metrical phrases about it? Haiku Lunchbox looks like the beginning of a great site devoted to food poetry. So far there are only four entries, but I felt inspired to compose a fifth: Salty meats, damp loaf From jars of olive salad Muffuletta, love Related Awesome Burger Haikus Awesome Pizza Haikus Food Poems [Talk]... More

Attention Word Nerds: Food-Related Tom Swifties

Over the weekend, the New York Times' Schott's Vocab, a blog devoted to language, asked readers to submit Tom Swifties, a phrase with a punning relationship between the adverb describing the speaker and the action. There were some good food-centric ones in the mix: "Matzoh balls and gefilte fish for me," said Tom judiciously. “I adore hamburgers," he said with relish. “Why, that’s the best fruit smoothie I’ve ever tasted!” Tom said with aplomb. “I’m starving!” the crow squawked ravenously. Related New Food Words in 2009 AP Stylebook Food Words in the 2009 National Spelling Bee The Term 'Housemade' Is the New 'Homemade'... More

New Food Words in 2009 AP Stylebook

For newspaper reporters and editors, the Associated Press Stylebook is ... well ... if not the Bible, then Leviticus at least. It lays out all the rules and regulations that ink-stained wretches are supposed to follow when faced with sticky situations regarding spelling, grammar, and punctuation. While Serious Eats leans closer to the Chicago Manual of Style (go, serial comma!), I cut my teeth on AP and tend to pick up the latest version every couple of years. I'll definitely grab the 2009 edition, which has a few new food words in it, according to the AP Stylebook Twitter account. They include baba ghanoush, chipotle, Key lime, and Parmesan. [via @Atlantic_Food]... More

Food Words in the 2009 National Spelling Bee

Congrats to Kavya Shivashankar of Olathe, Kansas (my hometown, yay!) on her victory in the 2009 Scripps National Spelling Bee yesterday. Eat Me Daily has a list of food words from the spelling bee, including geusioleptic, blancmange, Neufchâtel, trattoria, sommelier, tagliatelle, fedelini, and perciatelli.... More

The Term 'Housemade' Is the New 'Homemade'

By many definitions, a house doesn't have quite the cozy appeal as a home. House sweet house just doesn't have the same ring to it. But more menus are advertising "housemade" this or that, instead of the generic homemade. As Newsweek points out, the artisanal adjective has yet to appear in Merriam-Webster (so technically, it should be house-made until baptized a real word), but homemade will no longer suffice. "The word has lost its meaning," said Brian Bistrong of Braeburn in Manhattan, who argues that it sounds either amateurish (Aunt Edna's homemade pie) or hokey (Chevy's homemade ranch dressing). "Housemade has more cachet," he says. When you read "housemade" does it fill you with rustic backyard porch warmth and... More

Photo of the Day: Butyraceous

The word "butyraceous" has not appeared on Serious Eats...until now. I first saw this word last weekend while playing Cranium with some friends—it's probably the only new thing I learned from the game. My friend and I guessed the correct definition: "like butter." God knows comparisons to butter frequently come up on Serious Eats and in my daily conversations (really, it does); I ought to use this word more often. As should you. Related Food-Related Fake Words in 'Addictionary' New to the Serious Eats Lexicon: 'hautenuts' New Food Words in Latest Merriam-Webster's Dictionary Update... More

Food-Related Fake Words in 'Addictionary'

Addictionary is a user-generated “dictionary” of fabricated words. As you'd expect, there are some food-related among the entries. There are plenty more, but I liked these: axiyum: (noun) A food that is widely accepted for it’s scrumptious attributes and healing power. Usage: It is a universally known axiyum that apple pie and ice cream is the best cure for depression.gorfu: (noun) Any generalized, unidentifiable oriental food, usually served raw or in neatly spaced cubes. Usage: We are having another course of “gorfu”, aren’t we?insalt: (verb) To add salt to a gourmet dish without tasting it first. Usage: Ned insalted the chef when he covered his perfect croquettes with a down pour of sea salt.supperfluous: (adjective) A meal, usually evening... More

Cheedle, Burgacide, and Other Fake Food Words

Wordsmith William Safire could have enough columns for the rest of the year if he focused just on food "sniglets," or food words that don't appear in the dictionary, but should. For example, at Tommy's barbecue, did you commit burgacide (bürg-ə-sīd)? (A hamburger's desperate act to leap to its death through grill holes.) Or, after that vending machine trip, are your fingers covered in cheedle (chee' dul)? (Residue on fingertips after consuming Cheetos.) Bert Christensen's Truth & Humour Collection is chock full of made-up words that you really should try using in a sentence today. [via Epi-Log]... More

New Food Words in Latest Merriam-Webster's Dictionary Update

Paul Boutin at the Valleywag blog is a man after my own heart. He's geeking out over the new words being added to Merriam-Webster's 2008 edition, due out September 1 (but online now), and got a sneak peek at "the 25 most populist of the new entries as a teaser." Among them: edamame noun (1951) : immature green soybeans usu. in the pod pescatarian noun (1993) : a vegetarian whose diet includes fish phytonutrient n (1994) : a bioactive plant-derived compound (as resveratrol) associated with positive health effects prosecco noun (1881) : a dry Italian sparkling wine soju noun (1978) : Korean vodka distilled from rice Related Food Words for Thought: 'Locavore' as 2007's Word of the Year... More

Speaking of Food-Related Neologisms ...

So you all think locavore is a terrible word? How 'bout this terribly awesome word: lolcavore. It's a portmanteau of lolcat and locavore, of course. A reader of the blog Language Log came up with it and Photoshopped this lolcat-style image to go along with it: "I could not help misreading locavore/localvore as being prefixed by lol-, and then could not help but apply appropriate text to a photo... resulting in the pic." All you locavore haters, heads-up: The woman in the photo is Jessica Prentice, the coiner of the term you loathe. [via Talley Sue] Related Locavore: 2007 Word of the Year Locavore vs. localvore: the coiner speaks [Language Log]... More

Word Coinage: 'Restaureality' and 'Restaureality Show'

As I sandwiched the words restaureality show into an entry title earlier today, I Googled the phrase to see if anyone else had used it before. Two results came back. Dammit! I've been scooped on coining a (questionably) useful word, I thought. Until I saw that one of the results pointed to a blog post I wrote last year. (The other pointed to the item I was linking to in that earlier post.) So, yeah, basically what I'm saying is I coined a word and a phrase. I think it's in the world's best interest that I be open-source with this, so feel free to use it at will.... More

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