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13 Cheeses Everyone Should Know

Where do you even begin when it comes to fancy cheeses? Which are mild, and which are stinky? Which will melt well on my burger and which is better appreciated off a cheeseboard with a smear of good honey? And when the heck did generic "blue cheese" expand into 38 different varieties*? These are some of the questions cheese virgins might experience their first time in the shop, but never fear! Everyone has to start somewhere, and you've come to the right place. More

What to Eat for Breakfast on Christmas Day

After the mad ripping of wrapping paper and the squealing over dream-gifts-come-true, it's time for breakfast. Whether you cook up stack of sourdough waffles (my mother studded hers with local filberts) or a savory strata, a log-cabin of crispy bacon or a platter of caviar-topped scrambled eggs, a festive brunch is in order. Here are a few Serious Eats-approved recipes we've been considering. More

Happy Hanukkah! Recipes to Celebrate

Tonight at sundown Hanukkah begins, which means a whole lot of latkes will be fried in the next week. Ed hosted his latke-frying party for family last weekend (right after Thanksgiving, now that's impressive). The sizzling oil represents the oil used to light the menorah. Fried food lovers: this is your favorite Jewish holiday. Just beware of your hair and coats—they might be latke-scented for a bit. Here is a roundup of our favorite recipes, including some non-deep-fried foods like brisket and homemade chocolate gelt. More

Edible DIY: Holiday Granola

This recipe is my all-time favorite. In its most basic form, it combines oats, shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds, and almonds with brown sugar, maple syrup, and dried cranberries and peaches. But you should think of it as a template rather than a rigid recipe. This time, I also tossed in a handful of dried strawberries. You could swap the almonds for pecans or walnuts, or use honey instead of maple syrup. More

Holiday Granola

This crunchy, sweet granola is studded with toasted almonds, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries and peaches. Feel free to substitute any combination of nuts and fruit, or swap the maple syrup for honey. It makes an ideal holiday gift, and... More

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