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Harvest Journal: The Many Dangers of Winemaking

Drinks Sarah Chappell 3 comments

Between bad weather and drudgery, there is another important thing to keep in mind while working in a winery: not dying. This is not an attempt to be ghoulish nor morose, but rather a simple fact. Winemaking is dangerous, and there are many pits into which an intern can fall. More

In the Winery with Anthony Yount of Denner Vineyards, Paso Robles, CA

Drinks Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

"I think most people still feel that Paso is a bunch of hillbillies making wine. In reality, most of the winemakers who excel here are truly visionaries pushing the limits of how wine can be made. Even though most of us still dress like hillbillies." More

Wine from Vine to Bottle in Napa Valley

Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

As part of a press group touring Louis M. Martini and William Hill Estate last week, I got the chance to check out a little winemaking behind the scenes. For a quick look at the making of the 2010 vintage, check out the slideshow! More

Serious Grape: A Look at This Year's Growing Season

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

Back in April, Michael Honig reminded us that at the heart, winemakers are farmers. "We don't grow bottles," he said, "we grow grapes." So today I wanted to take a look at how those grapes have been growing around the country. The weather has been somewhat erratic, hotter than usual in New York's wine regions, and cooler in California (with a few scorching days), but winemakers are hopeful about what they're seeing. Will 2010 be a great vintage or a catastrophic one? More

Make Your Own Wine at Home

Emily Koh 4 comments

Photograph from home winemaking tutorial site, Cook Prairie Wines It's a little more of an upscale DIY project than, say, baking your bread or growing your own garden, but wine enthusiasts too can turn their love into a full-fledged hands-on hobby by making wine at home: "The growth and interest in wine generally over the last decade has really fueled an interest in winemaking as a hobby," says Brad Ring, publisher of Winemaker magazine. "With the greater availability of grapes, equipment and information, it’s come on strong as a hobby."[...] All of which means that you don’t need to buy a vineyard in Tuscany or the Loire Valley to create your own label of succulent red or crisp white. In... More

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