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Ask a Sommelier: The Best Wine for Thai Food

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

If spicy duck larb, papaya salad, pad thai, and green curry are all on the menu tonight, here are some recommended wine pairings from the pros. More

Ask a Sommelier: The Best Wine for Roast Chicken

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

The best bottles to open when you're serving a simple roast chicken. More

Ask a Sommelier: How to Pair Vegetables With Red Wine

Drinks The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

In chilly weather, many folks crave robust red wines, but not of us all eat a ton of meat. A nice juicy steak might be the perfect foil for Cabernet or Tempranillo, but what options do we have in the vegetarian zone? Are there certain red wines that are especially veggie-friendly? Certain ingredients that can help vegetarian dishes work well with bolder wines? More

The Serious Eats Cheese and Wine Pairing Cheat Sheet

Drinks Meg Houston Maker 12 comments

It's New Year's Eve, and your guests are about to come tumbling in. You set out bowls of salty snacks and a grand platter of cheeses. There's creamy white chèvre, a Stilton, some Brie, nutty aged Gruyère, tangy Vermont cheddar, and a splurge-worthy chunk of 4-year Gouda. It's time to start popping corks. There's Champagne, of course, and let's see—what else? What wine goes best with all those cheeses? More

Pairings Pictured: Wines to Drink With Chinese Food

Drinks Hawk Wakawaka 4 comments

Tips and tricks for pairing wine with Chinese food, in illustrated form. More

Ask a Sommelier: The Best Wines to Pair With a Holiday Roast

Drinks The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

We asked sommeliers from around the country for their pairing recommendations for your holiday roast, whether it's roast beef with horseradish cream, a perfect prime rib, or an elegant crown roast of pork. More

Holiday Wine Pairing Advice: What to Drink With Ham, Lamb, Prime Rib, and More

Drinks Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

It's worth picking up a few bottles now so you're not stuck with just the choices at your grocery store when you go to get that last-minute stick of butter. (Who are we kidding...more like that last-minute 10 sticks of butter.) Here's our holiday wine pairing advice—our picks for the best wines to drink with crab, porchetta, ham, lamb, beef, duck, and goose. More

Pairings Pictured: Wines to Drink with Oysters

Drinks Hawk Wakawaka 3 comments

Crisp, clean white wines are a classic way to bring out the delicate complexity of just-shucked oysters. But there are more unusual options that work well, too, which can be fun if you're feeling like casting aside tradition to taste something new. More

Ask a Sommelier: What to Drink With Chili

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

Fall is chill-in-the-air season, football season, tailgate season, and the season when we start craving belly-warming, slow-cooked food. That means we're eating a lot of chili these days, particularly the Food Lab's awesome 'Best Chili Ever'. But what's the best wine to drink with the best chili ever? We asked 13 sommeliers for their drink-pairing advice. More

Pairings Pictured: Wines to Drink with Pumpkin Dishes

Drinks Hawk Wakawaka Post a comment

While we love acorn and butternut squash, sweet potatoes and gourds of all shapes, versatile pumpkin is an easy fall favorite. When thinking about wine pairings, it doesn't have to be all sweet and spice to make things nice: crisp, dry style wines also get along well with pumpkin. More

Ask a Sommelier: Wine to Pair with a Few Favorite Indian Dishes

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 6 comments

Whether you're navigating a wine list or plotting an evening of BYO (or ordering delivery and opening what's in the fridge), choosing wine that will taste good with Indian food is quite a pairing predicament. We asked sommeliers from around the country for general wine recommendations for an Indian meal, and also specific picks for a few of our favorite dishes. More

What to Drink with Ramen

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 9 comments

A few pros—including Garrett Oliver of the Brooklyn Brewery and Jordan Salcito of Momofuku—tell us which beers, wines, sakes, and ciders we should be sipping with each style of ramen. More

Pairings Pictured: California Cinsault

Drinks Hawk Wakawaka Post a comment

Cinsault's spice, reminiscent of peppercorn and cardamom, and its bright red fruit does well with grilled vegetables, grilled pork, and grilled chicken. But the wine also loves the creamy, distinctive flavors of a mild Thai curry. More

Pairings Pictured: Oregon Pinot Blanc

Drinks Hawk Wakawaka 1 comment

The brightness of Willamette Valley Pinot Blanc means it goes well alongside shellfish, or grilled swordfish, but the rich flavors mean it's great with egg dishes and pasta with a little lemon or grated parmesan. More

Pairings Pictured: Blanc de Blancs Champagne

Drinks Hawk Wakawaka Post a comment

Champagne's best delight comes in oysters, fried chicken, and triple cream cheese. More

Ask a Sommelier: Wine Advice for Grilling

Drinks Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

This time of year, it's easy to feel like you should always be grilling. Got fava beans? Asparagus? Throw them on the grill. Chicken? Who roasts anymore? But grilling adds a layer of flavor to food, and the best drink accompaniment will be different than if you prepared these ingredients another way. We asked 14 sommeliers for advice on the best wines to pair with grilled food. More

Ask A Sommelier: Is 'Red Wine with Meat, White with Fish' True?

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 5 comments

What's for dinner? Steak? So you'll be opening a bottle of red wine, right? Well...not necessarily. Grilling some fish tonight? Wait a second before you uncork that Sauvignon Blanc. We asked 13 top sommeliers about that old rule suggesting red wine with meat and white with fish. More

11 Delicious German Rieslings to Drink with Dinner Tonight

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

When people ask me about why riesling seems so trendy right now, my first answer is that it's delicious, and my second answer is that it's delicious with food. There isn't heavy oak or heavy alcohol to stand in the way of a happy match, and the wine tends to have a delicious herbal and mineral character that makes it a particularly fantastic partner for seafood. Want to try for yourself? What's for dinner tonight? More

The Basics of Pairing Drinks With Your Food

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 9 comments

I'd like to dispel the myth that those who think about what beverages will go best with their food are snobs, that thinking about pairing is only for people who hold their pinkies up when they drink tea. As food lovers, we think about pairing all the time. More

Best Wines For Grilling: Sausages

Drinks Sarah Chappell Post a comment

Fresh off the grill, with their casings straining to keep all the juicy goodness inside, sausages scream summertime communal eats. But what to drink? We've already rounded up our top beer choices, but you're sure to have at least one guest or family member (or, maybe even yourself) who prefers a glass of wine. So what should you serve? More

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