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Oddbins Suggests Wine For Your Mood

British wine retailer Oddbins has all the standard categories to help their online customers find wine: you can browse by grape, by price, and country. But that's not all: they also have bottles to recommend for every mood and seemingly every situation you might find yourself in. There are Adventurous Wines (try Mâcon-Lugny Eugène Blanc when "a stranger comes to stay") and Adversity Wines (sip Fleurie 2009 Henry Fessy "after being hustled", or Burgans Albariño 2010 Martin Codax when you "forgot to press 'save'.") Been there, right? More

Talking Points: Do You Pay Attention to Wine Scores?

More and more often, the wine buying experience doesn't involve roving wine lovers suggesting bottles they've tried, or handwritten notes breathlessly extolling each bottle, but instead a printed sign and a number. I've received store pamphlets in the mail that literally only include point ratings and prices, not even bothering to note whose ratings they are. More

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