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5 Must-Visit Wine Bars in Brooklyn

Drinks Pameladevi Govinda 2 comments

When it comes to exciting wine bars, Brooklyn is on the up. A new wave of wine-obsessed buyers and bar-restaurant owners has forsaken the insipid, the safe, and the homogenous for glasses of singular vino from lesser-known regions and producers. Most of our favorite wine bars in Brooklyn are a bit off the beaten track, and that is part of the charm. More

First Look: Corkbuzz Wine Studio

New York The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

When Master Sommelier Laura Maniec first began to dream of opening a wine school, she hoped to create a place where you could learn about wine in a casual setting—dropping in to a class like you might at a yoga studio, without the need to sign up for a semester-long commitment. But the dream grew from there—Maniec also wanted Corkbuzz to be a place that you could extend the experience, where you could return and bring friends for a glass of the wine you'd learned about in class. Realizing that there wasn't a wine bar or a wine school in the city quite like that—and realizing that she'd need all the liquor licenses and vendor accounts that go along with a wine bar anyway—Corkbuzz grew into the first of a new type of establishment. Maniec calls it a wine studio, and it's part wine school, part restaurant, part event space, and part wine bar. More

Kaia Wine Bar: A Fine New Neighborhood Spot in Yorkville

New York J. Kenji López-Alt Post a comment

My wife lived in Yorkville for a couple of years back before we were married, and one of our biggest complaints about the neighborhood was its lack of really great, casual-yet-romantic food and beverage options. Sure, there's Cavatappo, a fine little wine bar on 90th and 2nd, and a couple of cute South American restaurants like Pio Pio and Gauchas with candlelight and decent by-the-glass wines, but we never felt like regulars at any of them, if only because Cavatappo was always crowded (and tiny), and we're not always in the mood for hunks of South American grilled meat, however tasty it was. If we'd stuck around we might have finally found it with Kaia, a new wine bar with an interesting South African bent. More

Ardesia: A Neighborhood Wine Bar Worth Seeking Out

New York Ed Levine 16 comments

What I found at Ardesia was mostly so delicious that I'm kicking myself for not making my way there earlier. A wine bar with distinctive, carefully crafted food is a fairly rare specimen in this town, and that's just what Ardesia is. If I could walk to it from my apartment, I would be there once or twice a week. It's an adult place that's contemporary without seeming suffocatingly hip. More

Apps Only: Edi & the Wolf

New York Ben Fishner 2 comments

This recently opened Austrian wine bar on Avenue C has good grub and a convivial vibe. More

Date Night: In Vino in the East Village

New York Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler 3 comments

As the night went on and more people arrived, In Vino filled with chatter and cheer, with some couples conspiring over candlelight and others simply basking in the glow of good food. It's best for an easy, uncomplicated date. More

Drink At Maialino's Nebbiolo Bar Before It's Gone

New York Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

You can try the wines by the glass (and even better, the half-glass) and it's a remarkable learning experience to taste your way through a few of them (or the whole bar, if you've got all night.) You should do it now, though, because Maialino's Nebbiolo bar is on its way out. More

Where We Drink: Anfora Wine Bar, West Village

Drinks Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Anfora is not a wine bar I'd recommend to everyone. If you like wine as the background music to a nice meal, and you're happiest with your regular Shiraz, you may be turned off. But if you're a little tired of everyday sipping and you want wine to surprise you, if you're willing to get a little dirty and a little funky, if you like your cheeses smelly, your chocolate salty, and your palate stretched a bit, then Anfora is the wine bar for you. More

A Sandwich a Day: Lamb Ragu Slider at Anfora

New York Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

As long as we use the definition of 'sandwich' a little loosely, these juicy little Lamb Ragu Sliders ($9) must be recommended. The tender ciabatta roll is bursting with savory, slightly spicy lamb ragu and a shower of Pecorino. It's a bit like an Italian sloppy joe for grownups, perfectly seasoned and a little tricky to eat politely. More

The Brunch Dish: Mushroom Fricassee at The Tangled Vine

New York Nikki Goldstein 1 comment

[Photos:Nikki Goldstein] It's primarily a wine bar, but you wouldn't know that if you went to The Tangled Vine for brunch. The menu is sophisticated, unique, and well-rounded, but judging from the nearly-empty dining room this past weekend, the... More

Mimi's Hummus and The Castello Plan: The Ever-Evolving Cortelyou Road

New York Carey Jones 24 comments

Mimi's Hummus, in Brooklyn's Ditmas Park, isn't just a perfect neighborhood restaurant. It's one that makes you consider whether you, too, shouldn't be in that neighborhood. (The wine bar next door doesn't hurt, either.) More

Lunch for One: Gottino

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

[Photo: Kathy Chan] We're keeping it simple today, at Gottino, with a window seat facing onto Greenwich Avenue. Gottino is lovely in the evenings, but far more so during weekday afternoons. Only then, is it quiet. Most daytime diners... More

Aperitivo Hour (Plus) at Ballaró Caffé Prosciutteria

New York Carey Jones 2 comments

[Photograph: Carey Jones] Always on the lookout for a good aperitivo hour in Manhattan, I was happy to stumble upon the happy hour special at Ballaró Caffé Prosciutteria—between 6 and 7:30 p.m., seven nights a week, the purchase of... More

Corsino Cantina: The Quintessential Neighborhood Italian Spot?

New York Ed Levine 7 comments

Jason and Joe Denton, the boys behind 'ino and 'inoteca, branch out from their panini-wine repertoire—but most of the best bets still come on bread. More

Observer Top Ten Wine Bar List: Maybe They Were Too Drunk To Get It Right

New York Ed Levine 3 comments

Terroir As many serious eaters (and the good folks at Eater as well) have noticed I love top ten lists. But only if they bear some semblance to reality, or at the very least can be easily defended or justified.... More

Casellula: A Down-to-Earth, Cheese-Driven Spot Whose (Unfortunate) Name Says It All

New York Ed Levine 12 comments

Wine bars with cheese programs are cropping up everywhere, but even more exciting to a cheese freak like me are the places that put the proverbial cart before the horse, or, in this case, the cheese plate before the wine bottle. The year-old Casellula actually calls itself a cheese and wine bar, so you know what its owner, Brian Keyser, considers most important. Amen, Brian. More


New York Ed Levine 11 comments

Editor's note: Starting this week I am going to post a restaurant review every Tuesday night. Why? Because it's fun to do and because I think serious eaters could use a little guidance when they're searching for something delicious to... More

Wine Bars in New York Story: How's the Food?

New York Ed Levine 1 comment

My friend Eric Asimov's story on the proliferation of wine bars in New York offers terrific historical perspective and lots of insight about the business considerations involved in opening one, but I waited in vain to hear how the food... More

Wine Bars Are Taking Over New York

Emily Koh Post a comment

Once seen a novelty, wine bars are now "proliferating like latter-day Starbucks" in New York, becoming less of a fancy ordeal where patrons got an earful of wine knowledge and more of a relaxing atmosphere to wind down with a glass of red or white. The New York Times takes a look at the changing faces of wine bars as they try to differentiate themselves from among the crowd, with many offering inspired nibbles going beyond the usual cheese platter, and others merging "genres" of tapas and wine bar together.... More

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