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New Wild Turkey Bourbon: Russell's Reserve Small Batch Single Barrel

Being the Master Distiller of a mega-brand of bourbon has its perks. Jimmy Russell, the steady hand behind Wild Turkey, not only has the distinct pleasure of working with his son, Eddie (Associate Master Distiller), but also has the chance to stake his territory on the bourbon landscape. His latest release, Russell's Reserve Small Batch Single Barrel, brings to the market one authoritative vision of what bourbon ought to be. And it's a vision we can get behind. More

Will Gordon's $20 Bourbon Battle: Wild Turkey 81 vs. Four Roses

Today is my wife's birthday, which would be my favorite day of the year if it fell during a more reasonable month. It's hard to be unabashedly enthusiastic about any day with a high temperature of 28 degrees, but it helps when the day in question is spent celebrating the existence of your favorite person. It helps further when the celebration is centered on eating and drinking and giving gifts of pickles and skirts. More

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Wild Turkey vs. Old Crow for Thanksgiving

For the past few falls I've been calling Thanksgiving overrated, and for the past few days I've been taking really long, contemplative showers of the sort that tend to get a man's mind together (those undertaken with cinnamon schnapps and Hüsker Dü); I have emerged from the bathroom fog clean, wrinkled, and enlightened, and I am now ready to apologize for my gratuitous Thanksgiving-bashing. More

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