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3 Great Eastern North Carolina Barbecue Joints: Grady's, B's, Wilber's

J. Kenji López-Alt 18 comments

When you talk barbecue in Eastern North Carolina, you're not talking about fuffing with ribs or piddling shoulders. Baby back ribs are for babies, and what the heck's a brisket? Nope. In Eastern Carolina, barbecue means one thing: whole hog. That would be an entire pig, slow-smoked in the indirect heat of an oakwood fire until them eat is meltingly tender. On a recent road trip down south, I took a slight detour through Goldsboro to check out Wilber's. And being the Serious Eater that I am, I of course added another two stops on the way: B's in Greenville, and Grady's in Dudley. More

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