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Spot of Tea: Harney and Sons Winter White Earl Grey

Drinks Carrie Vasios Mullins 4 comments

With their Winter White Earl Grey, Harney and Sons recasts an old favorite by changing the traditional base of Earl Grey from black tea to Chinese Mutan white. More

Tea Technique: How to Steep White Tea

Drinks Liz Clayton 6 comments

What is white tea, exactly? Originally grown in China's Fujian province, but now produced in India and Japan as well, these delicately rich, spring-harvested teas owe their name to the pearly white hairs on the buds of the tea plant which emerge after drying, or withering, in the sun. Only lightly oxidized, white teas never undergo fermentation or roasting processes, so they retain a much greater subtlety of flavor and an abundance of tea's natural antioxidants. More

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