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Dear Slice: 'Eggs, Excess Toppings, and White Pizza? Come On!'

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... Old-school pizza date night! [Photograph: Life/Google] Egg on pizza? No way. I'm sorry, I think I am just too old school. Using the Pizza Cognition Theory and my memory as best I can, my family lived on Ocean Avenue and Avenue J in Brooklyn from 1958 to 1961. Avenue J was our main shopping area. As a young child I had my first and maybe the first in the area slice of pizza at what is now Di Fara. I remember the owners were Italian and right from Italy. I can... More

Daily Slice: Motorino's Cherrystone Clam Pizza, East Village, NYC

October! National Pizza Month! This month we'll be bringing you Daily Slice, quick snapshots of slices and pies all of us at the Serious Eats empire have been enjoying lately. —The Mgmt. [Photograph: Sarah Wu/Motorino Facebook] Given how much we love Motorino around these parts, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the pizzeria would eventually appear in Daily Slice. Yes, it's a whole pie — composed of four slices. And, despite this feature's name, we never meant it to adhere slavishly to the slice-only format. Especially if that would keep us from mentioning this killer pizza. If you've followed... More

Poll: Are You a Fan of White Pies?

What's a white pie? On the U.S. East Coast, it's a pizza that ditches the red sauce and is topped instead with just ricotta and mozzarella, often with a little garlic added and olive oil drizzled atop. What's your stance on this variation? Yes, no, maybe? More

White Pie, White Heat: Vinny Vincenz

The editor & publisher of this site has been a bit neglectful of his first child as of late, paying more attention to his burger baby. As such, I've done a great disservice to Slice fans and to the site's staff members, one of whom, E-Rock, submitted this piece back when the first signs of warmth were hitting the city (and at a time when he had some weird fixation with X Files re-runs). Let this piece by E-Rock, then, signify a return to renewed posting vigor on Slice. WORDS BY E-ROCK .::. Ah, the first days of summer-esque heat... More

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