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Equipment: The Best Whisk For Your Kitchen

I can't stand it when I reach for a nice big balloon whisk and start beating away only to find out that the wires are too stiff to get decent whipping action and that I might as well be trying to make my meringue with a fork. For me, the ideal whisk needs to combine a few features. Let me break them down. More

Video: Where Do Whisks Come From?

Have you ever wondered how those wire loops get on a whisk? Or never thought you did but now you do? In this video, the web show CUPS (Cooking Up a Story) goes inside the only U.S. manufacturer of whisks. "Next to a knife, fork, and spoon, I think it's probably one of the most common tools in a home kitchen," said John Merrifield, who runs the factory with his brother. (I'd like to see him debate that with a spatula manufacturer.) Watch the video, after the jump.... More

A Medieval Multitasker: The Whisk

The whisk is more than a tool for aeration. Useful for making sauces, emulsions and more, it is one of the home kitchen’s greatest multitaskers. Here is some information for selecting and making the most of this apparatus, which dates to medieval times. More

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