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The Crisper Whisperer: 4 Ways to Use Lettuce (Other Than Salad)

If you grow your own lettuce, belong to a CSA, or sometimes get a little grabby at the farmers' market, chances are you'll end up with too much lettuce at some point from now through October. The good news is that although lettuce maintains a clean-cut, "just the salad, thank you" veneer in polite company, she's not the least bit afraid to take a couple of turns around the pan behind closed doors. When you just can't eat another bite of salad, try these delicious cooked alternatives. More

In Season: Strawberries

Photograph from BigBerto on Flickr With strawberries now in season, there is no excuse not to use them as often as possible. Slice them up into cereal, put them on top of a waffle, or just eat them out of hand. But don't feel constrained by the traditional breakfast uses of these lovely berries. We've put together some recipes that use strawberries not only for breakfast and dessert but in more savory contexts. Recipes, tips, and ideas--after the jump.... More

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