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Christina Turley on California Wine

Drinks Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

We recently chatted with Christina Turley of Turley Wine Cellars about how she got into the wine business and what she's drinking lately. In today's installment, we chat about what's new in California wine, up-and-coming winery projects to seek out, and where to look for the best value wines. More

What Are You Drinking, Christina Turley?

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

We asked Christina Turley (of Turley Wine Cellars in California) a bit about how she found her way into wine...and what she's drinking now. More

What Are You Drinking, Lance Winters?

Drinks Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Master distiller Lance Winters produces delicious small-batch gin, absinthe, whiskey, rum, and more at St. George Spirits in Alameda, CA. We recently chatted with Winters about what he's drinking, how he got started in the distilling business, where craft distilling is going in the US, and a few fun projects he's releasing soon. More

What Are You Drinking, Robert Simonson?

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 5 comments

We chat with Robert Simonson, cocktail writer for the New York Times, about what he's been drinking lately, how he got into the spirits-writing business, and where he sees the cocktail scene going next. More

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